General Query

How to book for appointment?

There are two types of appointment facility. Online & Offline for an online patient can use our website book appointment panel and for an offline patient can call the numbers which we provide on our website both appointment facilities are available for valuable patients. THANK YOU

What is Counseling Services?

We have our expert team for counseling services. Our team head Dr. Vipul Kandwal is always there for patients doubts. We provide total care for the patient and wisely advice so that the patient feels like he is in good hands. THANK YOU

What is waiting period for general checkup?

In normal days there is no such waiting period for general checkups. If there are some operations so that there are waiting period of maximum 30 minutes. and for emergency there are no waiting period. THANK YOU

Is there any online appoint form?

Yes, You can chat with us using this websites and also send the mail using enquiry form.